Worth another watch.

"That was the summer of 1963, when everybody called me 'Baby,' and it didn't occur to me to mind. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came, when I couldn't wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I'd never find a guy as great as my dad."

Oh, you just have to love Dirty Dancing! I had a dream a few weeks ago with Patrick Swayze in it, and when I woke up I had the soundtrack to this movie playing uncontrollably through my mind. So many delicious scenes and fabulous quotes:

"Oh come on, ladies, God wouldn't have given you maracas if he didn't want you to shake 'em!"
"I carried a watermelon."
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

Has there ever been a greater coming-of-age romance story? *sigh*


Photographing Mom said...

I miss Patrick. :'(

chksngr said...

Oh, yes! LOVE!

Cheri said...

One of my all-time faves. Loved Ghost too. totally miss Patrick.

Kai said...

Are you kidding me? This is one of my all-time-favorite-go-to-watch-while-scrapbooking movies. This and Grease. I never tire of them. Never. Love it!