I made that.

I went back through my photos to try to see how much I've stitched and crafted in the past year. Here's a look at what I made in 2012:

I'm most proud of the two small quilts I made, and the He-Man embroidery was my favorite project by far. It also makes me happy to realize that I gave away almost everything I made. Each piece was a gift, with the exception of the airplane embroidery and the Christmas stockings (and the stockings, of course, were for the whole family). I really enjoyed making all of these pieces, and I have big plans for more crafting, stitching, and quilting in 2013. :)


Happy 2013!

James, Chelsey, and their cousin C___ and I went to a club for New Year's Eve. By the time James got off work and was ready to go, it was past 10:00, it was an hour's drive to the club, and I did NOT feel like going anywhere. But I got in the car anyway, and we headed up there. I was glad we did.

We danced like mad in the throng of sweaty, happy bodies, balloons and confetti everywhere. We made it back home at 3:00 a.m., exhausted, with the DJ's beats still ringing in our ears. 

Today we've played Jenga, Apples to Apples, and Risk, James made a delicious late afternoon lunch (the best burgers and coleslaw ever), and we're sitting around watching TV, waiting for Eliot to come home. 

I'm admiring the lights of the Christmas tree for just a wee bit longer--promised James it could come down today! :)

Or you know...maybe tomorrow?