Born to be wild.

Eliot's dad recently bought him a Paper Jamz guitar, which I had never heard of, and oh my goodness, is it ever hilarious to watch him play! Like any little boy, Eliot looks up to his daddy. He recently told me that he didn't want anymore haircuts because he wants his hair to "stick up like Daddy's." If Pa Pa the farmer is Eliot's greatest hero, then Daddy is surely way up there on the list near him.

Since his dad plays the guitar (in fact, Eliot was named after one of his daddy's favorites; his middle name is Gibson), naturally, Eliot thinks guitars, or, as he pronounces it "kit tars," are pretty darned cool.

I'm not entirely clear how the Paper Jamz guitar works, but it plays the song, and the guitar parts only come in when he actually strums it. 

He definitely has the rock star moves down. Here he is, rocking out a little this morning before daycare:

I'm so glad that Eliot's dad and I are getting along to the extent that we have no trouble letting him bring favorite toys back and forth from one another's homes. Every other weekend, he carts along tractors, or bowling balls and pins, or stuffed animals. Apparently, one day he decided he'd like to bring his baby brother along; needless to say, that idea was quickly nixed and he showed up on my doorstep with Lincoln Logs instead. LOL. :)

Being able to see Eliot jam out with his new guitar was priceless. I am truly blessed.


Adriane said...

He jams like a pro!

Elecia said...

Zayda and I just watched this. We vote it 2 thumbs up.