2010 year in review.

I created a quick year in review page using a free template from Jill Conyers at Life...As I See It. Her blog is very worth checking out if you're into scrapbooking.

I didn't fret about getting a photo from each month of the year; instead, I just featured some of my favorites from throughout 2010. The only change I made to the template was the background color. The original red felt a little too Christmasy for what I was going for.


Libby, obviously. said...

awwww, you erased my message from the chalkboard and wrote a new one?! that hurts. you're gunna wish you would have left that up there the next time you go to family video with a cake in the oven. now there's nothing to remind you not to do that!

chksngr said...

I LIKE IT!!! I don't digital...but I LOVE what you did with this template! its fabulous.