It's amazing I get ANYTHING done around here when the adorable quotient is so darn high.

I'm working on collecting my thoughts for a post about my work (the job that I actually get paid for, that is), but of course, it has to be perfect, so it hasn't materialized quite yet. While I'm crafting that piece, look how adorable my son is:

Eliot and Steven taking pictures of each other taking pictures...lol.

Mommy trying to stitch something up, but getting distracted by silly boys.

Our next door neighbor requests Eliot's assistance with plowing the snow...

...AND lets him work the control lever.

If I stick my tongue out long enough, I'm sure to taste a flake.


Photographing Mom said...

Oh yes, definitely adorable. I love the look of joy on his face with the photo he took on the camera!!

Kai said...

Wow... adorable quotient SKY high! And that's the spirit... sticking out the tongue to catch a flake. I believe I was touting that as something that is definite to bring on a smile, and it sure looks like it did. I hope you tried to catch one too! :)