I need an embroidery floss organizer more than I need a cable subscription.

The Ball jar is beginning to get crowded, and I have many more projects in mind for this year.
Currently in progress: Unibrow Girl. I'm so addicted to these little patterns from andwabisabi. They're adorable, and they take no time at all to stitch up.

(pattern from andwabisabi)

 I can lie on the couch and work on these while watching TV. Steven and I just finished the Six Feet Under series, and have started on Dexter. It's more than a bit disconcerting to see Michael C. Hall go from David to Dexter. I'm rather more a fan of David...

I don't know whether I'm going to like Dexter, but I've only seen the first two episodes so far, so I suppose I will give it a few more episodes to win me over before I give up entirely.

I don't subscribe to cable or satellite, so the only time I really watch TV is through Netflix or DVD rentals. So I've pretty much missed...well...a lot of TV over the last thirteen years or so. Ha ha! As far as I can tell, I haven't missed much. Six Feet Under was a gem, and I do adore The Office and 30Rock.  What other series have I missed out on that I should know about?

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Elecia said...

I dont know why we have sat. Maggie only wants to watch the baby show, a.k.a. home movies of her and zayda when they were babies. It is a big hit at our house.
Other than baby show, I recommend House, he is awesome, I wish there where real docs like him.