We played it at dinner the other night...

Eliot: I want to play a game.
Me: What game?
Eliot: I don't know.
Me: Connect 4?
Eliot: No...
Me: Tic Tac Toe?
Eliot: No...
Me: Don't Break the Ice?
Eliot: No. I can't remember the name.
Me: But you're thinking of a specific game?
Eliot: Yeah. We played it at dinner the other night.
Me: Hmm...was it a word game?
Eliot: Yeah!
Me: Was it something with rhyming words?
Eliot: No...
Me: Was it the one where you see how many smaller words you can make out of one big word?
Eliot: No. It wasn't anything on the place mat. It was just something we were playing.
Me: Was it I Spy?
Eliot: No.
Me: Hmmm...
Eliot: It was the one where I'm thinking of a thing...
Me: 20 Questions?
Eliot: Yes! That's it! Can we play that?
Me: I think we just did.

So meta.