In Twenty-Twelve.

Is it too early to start thinking about 2012? Or too late?
In any case, today I'm pondering the new year and what is to come, and I have a few predictions and a couple of resolutions to share:

In the year 2012, I'm pretty sure I won't return my library books or DVDs on time.
I will forget to put the trash out on Wednesday night.
I won't refill my prescriptions before they run out.

I will lock myself out of the house at least once.
I will go way over on my oil change.
I will neglect to clean my tennis shoes, telling myself that the mud/dirt/dog poo will get walked off anyway.
I will leave leftovers in my refrigerator until they are unrecognizable in texture, color, and smell.

I will set a bad example for my son.
I will disappoint my parents.

I will get a parking ticket.
I will not pay my parking ticket.

I will fold a lot of clean laundry.
I will throw a lot of dirty laundry on my bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen floor.

I will sing along with the radio while driving my car.
I will be crying too hard to sing along with the radio while driving my car.

I will hold a newborn baby who isn't mine.
I will promptly hand her back to her momma when she starts to cry.

I will apologize for things that aren't my fault.

I will get my hair professionally cut once and then neglect to have any maintenance done on the style, even though I love it.

I will get a pedicure.

I will remain single.
I will write my (first) memoir.

I will be full of hope.
I will be disappointed.

I will be overflowing with creativity.
I won't have any words.