Setting sail and home defense.

"Why is there a broom sticking out of your couch?" you may ask. And I would answer, "What broom?" You may think you see a broom, but what you're really glimpsing is the forward cannon, and that isn't my couch: it's a brigantine. That smallish person perched atop the vessel is Pirate Captain Sharkhead, displaying his most furious scowl.

"Pirate Captain Sharkhead?" you ask.

Indeed. He's the scurviest rascal ever to sail the seven seas.

He never travels alone. Meet Captain Sharkhead's first mate, Monkeybrains:


 They're the most fearful twosome ever to command a brig.

They fear no sea creature, no matter how horrible.

When creatures attack, they are at the ready!

A smattering of Nerf bullets at short range will surely deter any foes. And if that doesn't work, Pirate Captain Sharkhead will not hesitate to fling his entire weapon at any dastardly creature foolish enough to advance!

I can rest easy at night knowing that I'm fully protected. Captain Sharkhead himself assured me last night, as I tucked him into bed, "Mommy, if any monsters or creatures try to get into our house at night, I will karate chop them. Or probably just shoot them."

Yep. Now that I've seen what the kid can do to an Imaginext lobster, I feel pretty secure.

 Don't let the adorable grin fool you. He's ruthless.

In other, not entirely unrelated news, I should probably spend some time with other adults soon.


Terri said...

I love this!

And I vote an emphatic YES to some grown-up time (and drinks). When we finally get rid of the stomach crud that keeps invading our house, I propose a women's night.

chksngr said...

:::giggling maniacally::: or...find some more friends with kiddos to have even GREATER adventures!