R + K.

"Figuring it out as we go."

Love, love, love this lady.

Also, don't I have the ugliest kitchen floor ever? It reminds me of the institutional tiling in grade school, which totally brings back the smell of kid vomit and that orange sawdust they used to dump on it. So, you know. Not much has changed for me. ;)


Seth said...

all the more reason to get a fancy, colorful rug to disguise those vomitous tiles!

Rachel said...

Aha! You're so right. My apartment is in desperate need of some queer eye for the straight girl.
WHEN CAN YOU COME BACK? And you know, bring all those gay friends of yours?

Anonymous said...

I made it on to a scrapbook page AND the blog in one day?!? HAZAAH for Kate!!!

You and I make a good team!