What, I'm supposed to think of a title, too? You have to be kidding me.

So it's 3:30 in the morning, and I'm lying in bed thinking about my blog post labels. You know, because that's what normal people do at 3:30 in the morning. I lie there and toss and turn and think about how really, truly unorganized my blog is.

(Wait. What? My blog? Not my house? Every room of my house, where there's clutter reaching to the ceiling and oozing out the rafters? Wait, does my house HAVE rafters? What ARE rafters, even?)

But yeah, I'm worrying about how unorganized my blog is, how I USE blog post labels to sort my posts into categories, but those categories are somewhat randomly applied and effectively useless, like a certain person's moving box labels that read "stuff" and "crap." A certain person who shall remain nameless, in the interest of privacy. Ahem. *coughs with hand over mouth* Elecia.

So I toss, and I turn, and I try to get back to sleep, but something won't let me. I have to get up, turn on a light, fire up the computer...and blog. Either this is a serious addiction that wakes me up at night, unable to return to sleep until I get a fix, or I really shouldn't have drunk that green tea energy thingy that Eli bought and then didn't want.

But I'm thinking this obsessing over labels and organization is indicative of something more than just an Internet addiction, spiraling out of control. To me, it seems to signal a more general displeasure with my inability to organize (and therefore control) ANYTHING in my life, even the little things that should be a cinch, right? I can't keep my house clean. I can't get my shit together at work. I can't settle on any kind of important, definitive, life decision, and I sure as hell cannot sort my blog posts into any kind of coherent organizational scheme. I might as well label them all "stuff," "things," and "farfignuggen."

So where was I going with this? Because it seemed like I was about to make some kind of point, followed by a nice, spiffy ending. You know, so that I could go back to bed. Because it's now 3:51 am. Hmmm....

Nope. I got nuthin.

Goodnight, Internet.

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