Utility meets beauty.

We're still looking for a new place, although moving plans have been put on the back burner for now. I think Eli and I are both a bit burnt out on the search for real estate. We feel like we'll never find exactly what we want for a price we can afford. But the upside of this process is that in getting this house readied up to put on the market, we've made improvements that we really enjoy.

I love the new porch furniture--it makes the porch space a useable, liveable space in a way that it really hasn't been since we moved in. When it's cool enough out there, I love to lounge on the wicker love seat or push Eliot in his swing.

The patio space for the new grill is great, as well, and the garage is looking fabulous.

I've also been trying to rearrange some things upstairs. A week or so ago, Eli and I were out antiquing and found this great little dresser to help organize my scrapbooking supplies.

I'm putting it to use holding my stamps, inks, and paints, and I think it looks great in between the two recessed shelves Eli built. I love the battered, well-used look of it, and the top area makes a great display spot for my upcycled license plate card holder, a few books, and my jar of buttons.

I read somewhere recently not to have anything in your home that you do not find to be either beautiful or useful, and I've been thinking a lot about that lately. This little gem happens to be both beautiful AND useful, so I think it's definitely a keeper! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Is that why so many people get rid of their husbands? because sometimes they are neither beautiful nor useful.