I scream, you scream.

Well, I caved. Once again. I let Eliot eat a vanilla ice cream cone at Dairy Queen--his first ever ice cream cone.

And, he LOVED it. He ate almost the entire thing. I only licked it every now and then to keep it from dripping all over the place. Otherwise, it was all him. He even ate the cone itself.

After he had had enough of gnawing on the cone part, he used the iconic red spoon to dig the ice cream out and eat more of it. I think he got brain freeze a couple of times, because he shivered!

Could anything be more adorable than this kiddo?!

He had a great time yesterday playing with his cousins Hannah, Kami, and Amelia. We all walked to the park and hung out and then had a long, hot walk home in which I carried Kami piggyback because she had a blister on her foot from a pair of new shoes. Most exercise I've gotten in ages!

It's so cool to see him interacting and playing with other kids, although he's still in the side-by-side playing phase pretty much. He just does his own thing rather than playing WITH anyone. But I can see him watching them and thinking about what they're doing. And totally showing off! He definitely watches people and is aware of them watching him. He'll do something silly and then turn to make sure we're looking and appreciating the full extent of his cuteness. That's my little hambone.

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