Beauty shop.

On Saturday we visited MaMa's house and played one of Zayda's favorite games--beauty shop, which, when she says it, comes out "booty shop."

This is Zayda and Eliot working in tandem to give me a nice comb and curl while I browse through a new scrapbooking magazine.

And this is me smiling because "booty shop" is also one of my favorite games. It means I get to sit on my booty and relax and the kids are still fully entertained. It's so much more low impact than, say, horsey, where one is required to romp around the house on hands and knees with a 20+ pound kid astride one's back. Yep, I'll take booty shop over horsey any day.

This game isn't a Zayda creation, either. We've been playing beauty shop for generations. I remember Mom sitting patiently on the floor (most likely reading a Woman's Day or Good Housekeeping) while Elecia and I, and sometimes Adriane, would fill her hair full of every clip, barrette, and pin we owned. The doorbell would inevitably ring in the middle of the process, and she'd have to get up and answer it looking like some kind of whacked out nut job. Ah, the memories! ;-)

And Eliot, who ALWAYS shakes his head "no" when asked ANY question (Do you want a cookie? Are you a good boy?, etc.), nodded an up and down "yes" when Libby walked in and asked him if he liked playing beauty shop. Gasp!

Once my hairdo was complete, it was my turn to fix Zayda's hair. This is what she got.

Isn't it "booty-ful"?!
This last picture was taken with my phone, so it's probably a bit fuzzier.
We had to have one to send to Daddy in Minnesota, so that he could see his boy's beautiful locks all fixed up! Eliot looks a little concerned in this picture, like "Hey! Nobody said this was getting documented!"

Face it, my boy--Momma's a scrapbooker--EVERYTHING you do is getting documented! ;-)

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