Riveting product update.

This past weekend Eli and I perused Babies 'R Us, which is very unlike us, because Babies definitely are R not Us, but I had remembered Elecia telling me they carry these things called Snack-Traps that I should try for Eliot. They're little cups that hold tiny toddler delicacies like Cheerios, Goldfish and the like. The idea is that toddler fingers can reach in to grab said delicacies, but the food won't fall out when they start turning the cup upside down and banging it on the highchair tray, floor, coffee table, what have you.

We were skeptical, but decided to check it out anyway.

So we located and picked up a few Snack-Traps.

They look like this:

And lo and behold, the darn things work like magic. I was sure that Eliot would simply reach in, grab a handful, and then throw them all over the floor, but so far he hasn't. He's apparently awed by the brilliant design of the "Trap." And has too much respect for it to override the design via his usual hijinks. He does delight in banging it on the floor and watching how the fish do NOT fall out of the cup per usual. As do I.

Another recent fabulous find is this vintage Fisher-Price toy that I picked up at a local antique shop:

And it seems weird to call this "vintage," but technically, I think anything more than 20 years old classifies, and this is that old. We had one when we were little, so it appealed to me off the bat, and Eliot seemed to like it, so I couldn't resist adopting the little dune buggy and bringing it home to live. The little people's heads wobble when you pull it along the floor.

Fun stuff.

Making messes more manageable and life more fun! :-)

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Elecia said...

I had forgotten all about this toy. I can still picture its silly little squeaky sound as it travels across the floor. I loved that thing. Hope Eliot enjoys it. Did you know Fisher Price now has a classics line that they are reintroducing, it includes the old rotory phone with the eyeballs, I saw them at Kmart.