The page that Rachel built.

We have a family reunion coming up on Sunday, and every year we hold an auction to raise money to throw the next reunion. Everyone brings something for the auction--things they made, items that have been passed down through the family or have some kind of family significance, or items that don't. Whatever.

Last year, my mom bid on and got a scrapbook album, with a cool catch. Each year the person who wins the album is supposed to make new pages to add to it, then offer it up for auction at the next family reunion. So Mom's had this album since last year, and guess how many pages we've made for it? That's right--zero.

Today I finally finished my assigned page. And voila! Here it is.

This page has a much higher level of phloonf than is normally my style. If you ask Elecia, though, she'd probably say that there's barely any phloonf here at all. And if you don't know what the hell "phloonf" is, well...I'll have to defer to Elecia on the definition, as she is the reigning queen of all things phloonfy.

I wanted to use some vintage style paper, to give it sort of a heritage feel, but that just didn't end up happening. Sometimes my pages have minds of their own. The tabs on the left-hand side of the picture of all of us say "pull," and if you pull the card out, it looks like this:

Yeah, that's my carpet surrounding the card. I was too lazy to resize the picture.
The flip side looks like this:

And here is the workspace in which I created such a masterpiece:

This is my CLEAN work table! Okay, I know it doesn't look clean, but it is by my standards.
And...this is Eliot lying on the floor of the craft room, probably calling Adriane. "Hey Aunt Adriane, I'm bored! Mommy keeps scrapbooking and blogging!"


Adriane said...

Keep on scrapbooking, I love it when bored Eliot gives his aunt Adriane a ring!

Elecia said...

phloonf= ribbon, flowers, chipboard, RICKRACK, brads, glitter, eyelets
phloonfification=the art of tricking out a scapbook page with a lot of stuff until it looks like something Elecia would make