The varied effects of sleep deprivation.

Early this morning, around 4:30, Eliot was up and making cranky noises, so I went to check on him and he had peed the bed. A colossal diaper leak had him totally drenched. So I went back and got Eli out of bed so that he could change Eliot while I changed the crib sheets. After all was dry and well again, we trudged out to the kitchen for a drink before going back to bed. Eli grabbed the milk out of the fridge and proceeded to pour it into an upside down coffee mug.

He just looked at it confusedly for moment and then muttered, "Oh my god..." Milk had pooled in the bottom of the mug and run down all over the counter. It was hilarious.

(evidence: exhibit A)

In his defense, the mug was a dark cobalt blue, so it would have been hard to tell in the dark. (The only light was shining from the still open refrigerator door.)

After we finally made it back to bed and were trying to get back to sleep, I kept giggling thinking about it. He was like, "Quit making fun of me and go back to sleep!"

The milk incident still wasn't as bad as my own sleep deprivation related incident, however. One night months ago, when Eliot was still routinely up in the middle of the night (I think he was around 2 months old), I went to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet, and peed without ever pulling my underwear down. Oops.

I thought something felt funny, but it didn't occur to me until I stood up what was wrong.

Yeah, I know, that's pretty gross, but oh well.

All part of the insanity that is new parenthood. These silly things are ones I want to remember. We've been SO stressed that sometimes it seems Eli and I are just constantly at each others' throats and both of us are cringing every time Eliot starts to cry again. (He's been sick and cranky FOREVER.)

But in between all the grouchiness are those funny moments, those times that we just have to laugh because there isn't anything else we can do.

And then in the morning, a little boy wakes up with a smile and slobbery kisses for Mommy, and I remember why it's all worth it.

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