Suddenly, I see.

I finally went for an eye exam last week, and apparently I have astigmatism. Who knew?
So last night I got my first pair of goggles. Brilliant!
(Eliot is quite thrilled about it, as you can see.)

Wearing glasses is very weird. When I first walked outside with them on, it seemed like the ground was at waist height. I felt like I was on drugs.
And, as an added bonus, I can see things! I honestly had no idea how much I WASN'T seeing until I got my glasses. So crazy. I can actually sit on the couch and read the guide thingy on the television. (Not that it matters, because Eli is constantly watching a)basketball, b)fishing, or c) ultimate fighting, which is completely and totally disgusting.)
So I haven't quite had time to adjust yet, but from what I can tell so far...
I can see = good.
I look like a chubbier version of Tina Fey = not good.

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