'Tis the season, already.

Well, my grades are in and I've turned my attention to Christmas only to find that it's approaching WAY too quickly, once again. I think I'm going to try to do some Christmas baking this year--nothing too involved, but I'm definitely wanting to do some dipped pretzels and those cookies with jelly in the middle (haven't had those in ages).

So here's how I see my week shaping up so far:
today=laundry catch up day & house cleaning
tomorrow=frantic Christmas shopping
Thursday=baking day
Friday=back to work on spring syllabi & such

And somewhere in there we might have to make time for a doctor's appointment. Eliot is pulling on his ear and not sleeping well, AGAIN. I don't know what to do with that poor kid. I suspect that tubes are in his future...
Of course, it might help if I'd keep him in out of the weather once in a while. We went over last night to see Grammy for the first time in the assisted living. She was clearly thrilled to see us, so I'm glad we did go. Eliot had nothing but grins for her, which was fun.

Gotta go get some things accomplished whilst boy is napping...

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