Taking a breather.

Well, Grandma Connie is coming to spend the night and take Eliot home with her tomorrow morning. I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow with Adriane in Chicago. I'm excited to spend time with her alone, sans kids, for the first time in probably ten years. I'm also looking forward to getting a bit of a break from my own little boy.

The poor guy has been sick with the same nasty cold that has felled all of us, so between my own coughing all night and his waking and crying, none of us has had much sleep lately. Last night I was on my own with him, as Eli is out of town, and Eliot just cried and cried. I tried to rock him and sing to him, but he wasn't even having any of that. There was just nothing I could do to help him. Finally I put him in his carseat so that he'd be more upright, and he slept three hours there. Then up for a bottle at 2 a.m. and back to the crib where he slept fitfully until 6:30. It's been pretty much like this since last Saturday. I hope he feels better soon or we'll be off to the doctor again. We're becoming quite familiar with that office, unfortunately.

Here's the only member of our household who HAS slept peacefully in the last week:

And that's MY bed, sir! My bed with the rumpled flannel cow jumping over the moon sheets! Every time I fling the covers aside and run down the hall to Eliot, Mumford takes the opportunity to steal my warm spot. There's no justice in the world. *sigh*

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