Our fashionably late entrance into the digital age.

So we finally got hooked up with digital cable, DSL, and wireless internet today. I was dreading this morning, as I had to deal with the cable installers, get Eliot up, around, and off to daycare, go to a doctor's appointment and get to work. But everything ended up working out. The cable guy was only 30 minutes later than they'd said he would be, which isn't terrible. And he was actually polite, personable, and totally non-scary. I have this possibly irrational fear of having people in our home to work on things. I'm always convinced that they're going to be casing the joint or something. As if we have anything anyone else would actually want. I doubt whether my piles of clutter and cat hair tumbleweeds scream "rob me." But anyway, he was a very nice guy and showed me how to work everything and didn't make me feel stupid about not knowing how to work a TV remote. We've never had paid TV before, so this is all new and weird to me. I was actually surprised at how much can be done through the TV. I'm such an anti-television snob, I guess. But some of the features are pretty darn cool. I can check the weather, order a pay-per-view movie, check the movie times at the local theaters, read my horoscope, and even play games on my TV now. It's a strange transition, going from a snowy PBS and ABC reception to almost a hundred clear channels and all these extra features. I think I kind of like it. But Eliot still isn't allowed to watch until he's two.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm posting this from the comfort of my couch with my laptop? I'm SO loving my fast internet connections.

So in the spirit of fast connections and the ability to upload more info, I'm posting another picture of my boy. He's got a serious drool thing going on in this picture. I like the shots of him with a serious expression on his face, because he's almost always cheesing it up for the camera. He's such a smiley guy, which is absolutely adorable, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but the serious faces are great too because we don't often see them.

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