So very lovely.

Yesterday I got happy mail in the form of a package from fellow blogger Nancy. Hooray! I love happy mail. So much nicer than bills and grocery fliers, and even Netflix DVD's. :)

She'd hosted a giveaway awhile back to celebrate her blogoversary and I won! So naturally, I had to tear into the package and immediately get to work using the scrappy goodies she sent. I paired a couple of the decorative edge 6x6 papers with some of my leftover 365 album journaling cards. I think it's quite lovely, though Eli contends that it looks "kind of blank, doesn't it?" Bah! What does he know?

In other exciting news, I auditioned for a local production of The Vagina Monologues on Tuesday and found out that I got a part! Yay. Don't know which monologue I'll be reading yet, but I'm wayy excited about it. It's my brave act of the year.

Gotta go just now--taking Mog to see Alvin and the Chipmunks so that Eli can have a quiet empty house for his online class in just a bit.

Cheers! :)


Cheri said...

Congratulations on getting the part! Have fun with it!

Adriane said...

What exactly does a vagina say when it talks!?

Rachel said...

Eat me.

Hahahaha. Sorry, couldn't resist! ;)

Adriane said...

You are too funny!