Everything in its right place.

I got a chance to play with the January Studio Calico kit for just a bit last night. Every time I think about how I need to spend less, save more, I think about my Studio Calico subscription. It isn't necessary for life...but I just can't bear to give it the axe. So much lovely goodness and just seeing the big brown UPS truck pull up to my house gives my mood a boost. If I could actually find time to sit down and make more from my supplies one of these days, maybe I could justify the expense. As it is, I have a ton of goodies sitting around, still nestled cozily in their brown paper sacks.

My energy levels have been the teensiest bit higher lately, though, I think (so there could be more crafting/scrapbooking on the horizon?). I cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen today in order to rearrange and put the coffee making supplies above the coffee maker, a much more logical spot than in the back of the medicine cabinet where they were living. What? I know, see, it makes no sense, does it? Every time I wanted to make a pot of coffee, I knocked over about four million little orange tinted vials of pills and a giant box of Eliot's nebulizer treatments. No more!

Eli and I have lived in this house for just over a year now, and we still do not have our possessions organized into any kind of logical, usable scheme. We have a lot of space, and plenty of storage, yet there still seems to be clutter everywhere all the time. Nothing has a specific home. Upon cleaning out the cabinet, I quickly realized why this is so. That cabinet was full. Full of nothing that we have ever used or ever plan to use in the future. I pulled out a napkin holder and sugar bowl that I've never used (but never gotten rid of because they were a gift), the original knobs from the kitchen cabinets that we replaced (because why throw away perfectly good knobs?), a globe from a broken lamp (again, nothing wrong with the globe), a coffee carafe from a broken coffee maker (you see where this is going, don't you?)...

So now the cabinet above the coffee maker is no longer the Island of Misfit Toys Random Pieces; rather, it holds coffee, coffee filters, coffee stirrers, and hot chocolate. Thank god. My heart is just a tiny bit lighter this afternoon.

One of these days I'm going to tackle the cabinet that holds, inexplicably, sippy cups, mixing bowls, and beer steins. (Who in the hell unpacked my kitchen when we moved in?!)


Adriane said...

Would love to have an entire day free to come and help you organize, that is one of my favorite things to do, I could help you throw all those items that will never be used away as well! If you don't mind the boys being with me, name a day and I will come!

Elecia said...

I.... yes I would be the one that unpacked your kitchen. Me, Zayda mom, and connie i believe. At least you havent been tripping over the boxes this whole time.