I finally decided exactly what I wanted to put together for Ella Publishing's second sketch challenge as I was lying in bed not sleeping last night. That's how my mind works. It essentially doesn't work until Eliot is in bed and I have nearly succumbed to exhaustion myself. That's when the magic happens. (And then usually fizzles out like a spent 4th of July sparkler because I rarely get up to record my ideas.) I fall into sleep and when I wake in the morning the ideas have scattered like fast-moving clouds.

Somehow I remembered my plan for this layout after I woke, and, even more miraculously, after I spent the day at home nursing a feverish, grumpy, whiny, clingy two-year-old. I found and collaged the photos I wanted in Elements as Mog watched a particularly riveting episode of Wonderpets and then as soon as he was down for the night, I hit the scrap table.

Journaling reads: "I didn't think I had accomplished much in 2009 until I started looking back at my photos. Embroidery, layouts, mini-books, sewing, painting furniture, my 365 album. Turns out I was actually pretty crafty in 2009!

It's good to see that I made just as much (or more) to give away in 2009 as I did for myself to keep. :)"

And since I waited so long to put this together, I couldn't get a decent shot, as the sun was long gone. I tried to avoid glare from the overhead lights, but didn't succeed too well. Too bad, too, because these photos don't at all do justice to that white background paper with the textured white polka dots. I love that paper. LOVE.


Adriane said...

I love the blue dresser with the R on it, cute cute.

Leah said...

I really enjoyed your page. The photos look great on the white polka dot card stock. I also agree that the blue dresser is lovely.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

What a great page! And that little doll is too cute. Did you create the pattern? If not, where can I find it. Congrats on coming up with an idea for the challenge.

Rachel said...

I just realized today that the picture I used of the dresser was taken before it was completely finished. I switched out the knobs for funky ones I found at Anthropologie. I'll have to post a picture of what it looks like now. That dresser was one of Grammy's blonde pieces of furniture from her bedroom--remember Adriane? So I left one of the original knobs in tribute.
Deanna, I am not nearly talented enough to sew anything without someone else's pattern! :)
This one came from Bit of Whimsy on Etsy--it's the John Doll pattern found here:http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39291974
I've purchased several patterns from her and love them all.

Amy said...

I used this sketch today as well :-) I made it into a digi template because I am a very lazy girl today and I didn't want to get out the paper. Is that the dotty bazzill? I have not used any of it yet - I bet it is good though.

Adriane said...

Wow I didn't recognize it with the blue paint, cool!

Donna Jannuzzi said...

That dotted swiss cardstock from Bazzill is awesome isn't it? I love it too. :) And, I'm seeing some SC goodness on your page... love that too. :D

wendy smedley said...

love the stuffed dolly on the page, great layout

nancy said...

I have my best ideas at bedtime, too! Actually, sometimes they pop into my head right in the in-between-awake-and-asleep moments.

Love this page!

Suzanne said...

love it!

lying in bed not sleeping is when i always seem to come up with the best ideas too - i keep a notebook on the nightstand right beside me for that exact reason!

Wendy said...

Rachel, your page was so inspiring that I totally scraplifted it! Thanks so much for reminding me to document my crafty stuff. You are so talented.

(My page is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wendycopley/4330180875/)