Page swap.

Time to share the pages I made for my sisters this year:

For Adriane, my favorite picture of the two of us taken this year on our trip to Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana. She doesn't often get to come along with us, so this day was special.

For Elecia, I knew I had to bust out the floonfification, so I used this blingy frame I'd been saving and some glitter. Pictures of Z demand glitter.

I also did a bit of sewing here, though it doesn't show up much in the picture. Eliot had a blast helping me sew. I let him push the foot pedal on my machine and told him when to start and stop. He's been begging to sew again ever since. :)

For Libby, I included plenty of reminders about driving safely, which she didn't even roll her eyes at! Or at least, I didn't catch her rolling her eyes. She may well have done it when my back was turned.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the pages they made for me. Yes, girls?! Yes!


nancy said...

Love all three! I'm a sucker for stitching. :)

Elecia said...

I've already written down my idea for your page for next christmas. It came to me right before I fell asleep the other night. Knowing me, I wont actually do the page until christmas eve next year.