Page swap, part two.

What struck me most about the page Adriane made for me was how much Elecia and I look alike. People say that all the time, and we've often been mistaken for twins, but I never really think about the similarities until I see pictures of us together. We even have basically the same haircut at the same time. Weird. Also, we both used to be skinny. *sigh*

The page Elecia made for me cracks me up. The song lyrics she used couldn't be more apt. Our family photo album contains countless pictures of me scowling. Snapshots, school photos, professional family groupings, doesn't matter. I'm frowning in probably 85% of all photos taken of me from age 10 through...well...ever. Somehow everyone in my family seemed satisfied to believe "grouchiness" was just part of my personality. Looking back, I'm pretty sure that little girl was screaming "HAND OVER THE PROZAC," probably in utero. Okay. Moving forward.

Finally, we have the page I received from Libby, who graciously humors the other three of us every year by taking part in our page swap even though she doesn't particularly like scrapbooking. She's generally too busy cheering and myspacing and practicing driving and doing all manner of teenager-y things instead. But I love this page because that's almost exactly what I thought when I saw that picture of the two of us. Holy hell, she's gotten SO tall! I knew she was bound to be taller than me, but at 15?! For seriously? Couldn't I have a few more years of height advantage?! In my defense, she WAS wearing heels and I didn't have any shoes on. So there. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Thank you, sweet sisters, for the pages. I love you guys. :)


Adriane said...

Love you too!!

Elecia said...

Thanks for posting, if i would have know maybe i would have spent a bit more time on it. But than again, there would have been pressure.

Nellie Mae said...

What a great idea!! I love the idea of swapping pages with sisters....If I could only get my sister to scrapbook once in a while!