Keepin' it real.

On Saturday, I was given the Marie Antoinette award by blogger Deanna of "Fun Mama." This award, also known as the "Real Person" award, was extended as a way to recognize me for keeping it real with my blogging. Yeah, that's right. I keeps it real. Marie Antoinette style. Let them bitches eat cake!

Okay, I'm kidding. Sorry. (And Marie Antoinette didn't ever actually say that anyway. With or without the "bitches.") It's just that I can't even think about the concept of keeping it real without thinking about that Chappelle Show skit. Lord, that man is hilarious.

Enough, enough. Back to the task at hand. Deanna was awarded the Marie Antoinette by fellow blogger Monica, of "Without Filters," whose personal philosophy about honesty is right in line with my own. (I'm so happy to have "met" all these awesome blogging ladies through Shimelle's class.)

My duty and privilege is now to pass the honor on to seven other bloggers whose honesty and "realness" have warranted the Marie Antoinette nod.

Personally, I find these bloggers' openness refreshing. If I keeps it real, well, they keeps it realer. Bravo! Some of these ladies are rock stars of the blogging world, women whose blogs get bajillions of visits a day, and some are just your average everyday scrapbookers/thoughtful people like myself who for whatever reason decided to put their voices out there. ALL of these women are people whose blogs I'm drawn to because of their unique voice, their honesty, their "realness." When I need a reality check, I visit...in no particular order (That's a lie. They're alphabetical.) ...Drumroll, please...


{melissa} said...

Wow, I am so honored. Thanks so much for including me on your list. I am so glad you're enjoying my blog! I think yours is pretty wonderful also.
Thank you again, I am sincerely touched!

nancy said...

I don't know... maybe Marie Antoinette muttered "Let them bitches eat cake" under her breath. I'd like to think so.

Thanks for the award. :)

{melissa} said...

also thanks for stopping by and commenting today-i can't believe you had the same chair! we also had the matching couch. Our parents must have gone to the same design school of ugly!

Suzanne said...

well thank you very much!

dave chappelle cracks me up :)