Working with high efficiency.

Our washing machine and dishwasher punked out on us this week, so we're sort of cautiously waiting for the third shoe to drop around here.

And handwashing our dishes. But. Eli made great strides in his trek to redeem himself by going out and scoring a ridiculously good deal on a new high efficiency washer AND dryer.

And I love them. Love, love! Want to do laundry ALL the time now. All the time! The washer is top-loading, but doesn't have one of those big central agitator thing-a-ma-bobs (I'm fairly sure that's the technical term for them), so I can easily fit my beloved quilts in. And massive loads of clothing. So. Many. Mog. Clothes. In. ONE. (one!) Load. Yes! And also, yes!

I'm always so skeptical about pricey consumer goods. I sort of shy away from them because I'm afraid they may somehow possess the ability to steal my soul. Expensive stuff just runs counter to my thrift store, Goodwill, Salvation Army lovin' self. But let me tell you what: these machines rock my world. It's very much like when I finally got a DVD player (okay, Eli bought that for me too) after refusing to entertain the idea of upgrading from VHS for years and years. And then the first DVD I ever watched I was all, "Holy God--this is AWESOME! Dude--you can go to any scene you want. Without having to rewind! Or fast-forward! Ohhhh, the power! The sheer, unadulterated power!"

So anyway, we bought Whirlpool. Eli bought Whirlpool.

And it's so much darn fun to watch the clothes spin around and the water fill the basin and the spinning! Oh, can I just tell you about the spinning?

Our old washing machine sounded like a rocket ship bound for Mars when it started to spin. This kitten purrs and hums, and it never gets unbalanced and tries to walk out the door.

And there are all these different settings, and the gleaming green lights are lovely, and both machines are a wonderful gray color. They will look great with any color I decide to splash on the walls of the laundry room. The laundry room is due for upheaval. We can't very well have these amazing machines sitting on 1970's sparkling floors, with such dated blah yellow walls, now can we?

And, oh shit. I think I just heard my soul skip right on out the back door.


Adriane said...

I just got a new HE top loading Maytag washer and dryer last week when my front loader broke down for the 2nd time in a month, just 8 months after we bought them. Worked out well for me, Lowes gave me a full refund, I picked a cheaper, but still HE set, and put the extra $266 that I saved towards our dishwasher that just broke down a few months ago. Love those same as cash deals. I also love my set, and you should really see a significant difference in your power bill every month to justify the price tag.

Rachel said...

Yeah, what's up with front loaders anyway? Everyone I know who has one has had them breakdown when they're still new.

Cecelia said...

I am so so jealous...your washer has the disc at the bottom that just kinda bounces the stufff around in the water? I suppose coveting each others' domestic appliances places us firmly in olddom, but that's okay.

Adriane said...

I hadn't heard of anyone else's breaking down, but that doesn't surprise me, I hated mine.