We don't have cooties.

Just a quick Etsy share before I'm off...to Renegade Craft Fair (!)...for the weekend.

The picture should link to the listing, by the way, but I'll warn you: this shop has many more cool items to peruse. Browse at the extreme risk of being tempted. :)

I found these and first thought with a beleaguered sigh, "Really? Kids have to have their own cards now? Yeesh. How yuppy." But then I looked closer and my heart was captured. They're just so darn cute. I'm in love with the "We don't have cooties" one.

Lately I've taken to stalking potential mommy friends on facebook. (Yeah, sorry about that R, if you're reading. Did I mention we don't have cooties?!) So maybe I need to break down and get some of these...

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