Downward facing dog: not as much fun as its name would suggest.

Luckily for you, there are no photos to accompany this blog post. Because if there were, you'd be looking at a picture of my substantial ass jutting up into the air as I balance on my toes and the palms of my hands, my blustery face pointed down at my yoga mat, my unwashed, unbrushed hair careening into my eyes and mouth as I attempt not to fall over, or worse, fart.

That was me this morning as I made my first official foray into yoga at the student rec center. I would tell you more about it, but I'm afraid the full story will have to wait until some point in the future at which I imagine my arms will regain full function, returning from the mass of quivering jelly they seem to be just now.

Ouch. And also, uuuuughhh. I am in pain.

Excuse me while I assume child's pose. I'm gonna be there for awhile.

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