Color me happy.

Donned my boots and took a bit of a nature walk today. As you can see, I have trouble minding the rules.

Ahem. But I promise, I did not do any trapping. Just walking, taking in the colors of fall and breathing the delicious country air. ;)

Life is good today, and not just because I had a piece of chocolate meringue pie after lunch.

(well hello there, pretty blue flower!)

Coming out of yoga class this morning, I saw a little something on the sidewalk, something I first thought was a clod of dirt. As I got closer, I started to think it was a lizard, and I bent down, curious. It was a baby turtle, stuck on its back, right on the sidewalk near the entrance of the student rec center. She (or he, of course I don't know) was struggling in vain to right her tiny little self. I picked her up and put her right side up in the grass, out of the way of the walking traffic. Good luck, little turtle! May the force be with you!

(Sadly, my camera phone insisted on focusing on the ground rather than the turtle.)

I sort of felt like nature had smiled at me in some small way. I headed off to a counseling appointment with a considerably lighter step.

(ah, beans--the lifeblood of Illinois farmers!)

Later, after a yummy lunch with a friend, and three (three!) cups of coffee, I went to my art history class, which is really getting interesting. Unfortunately, we're also getting closer to the first exam, on which I'm quite sure I will embarrass myself. But then as I was walking to my car, the air full of light mist, I reached up to brush my hair back out of my face and what did my hand come away with but the brightest little yellow leaf I think I've ever seen! It had fallen without me feeling it, right onto the top of my head. :)

I practically skipped to my car.

(a not so stinky collection)

So, hey, make a wish today! You never know. The universe just might grant it.

(Oh how I wish Seth were sitting here to give me a snarky roll of the eyes so I could then grin and kick him! ;) )
All my love,

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Seth said...

aw...you called me snarky. that's a fun first.