And tomorrow will be Monday again.

So much activity lately! On Thursday Eliot and I met Tai, Kami, and Millie for lunch at the McDonald's playland. This, of course, is strictly forbidden because of the long-going McDonald's ban Eli and I initiated back in...when...2003? Something like that. So I ate McNuggets for the first time in approximately six years. I have to admit, they were divine. In a disgusting, unidentifiable, compressed meat sort of way.

I have a growing collection of photos of Eliot making this face. It's because he says "cheese!" everytime I point the camera at him. And this is what his face does when he says, "cheese!" What a goofball.

Later that evening, Eli and I went to an Illini basketball game. A good time was had by all, even though I still didn't come home with a giant foam finger. Someday...

Friday I got a haircut and had my eyebrows waxed. No pictures, but the cut is not all that stellar anyway. It's okay. The real thrill was getting my hair washed. I LOVE having people wash my hair. There's really little better than getting my hair washed. I think I actually find it more relaxing than massage. Wait...yep...more relaxing than massage. For sure.

Saturday we spent at Ma Ma's, where Eliot was happy to sample some extra filling for the chocolate pie she was making. And yes, my kid is almost two and still has his nuk. Don't judge me.

Zayda was less happy to get her picture taken. It's mean of me to post it here, but, well, it's me we're talking about, so here she is. I'm fairly sure that's her "Rachel" face. Or one of the incarnations of the "Rachel" face, anyway.

Sunday was spent at Pa's house--again, no pictures. I crashed in the easy chair while Eliot played with Zayda and Pam cooked and cleaned (of course) and Elecia knitted. And Pa napped on the couch. And then ran off to work on something. (of course) We're all pretty predictible, it seems.

I cannot believe that today is the first of March. Where is this year rushing off to? Slow down, you! But bring warm weather soon.

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Elecia said...

I would just like to mention, that yes we do occasionally brush Zayda's hair. This just apparently wasn't one of those times.