Never alone.

I went for a walk this evening, to get out of the house, unwind, and enjoy the beautiful weather. (Okay, AND for an excuse to use my iPod, who am I really kidding?) I hadn't been gone long when I saw these guys coming at me.

Apparently Eli's response to Eliot's queries of "Mamma? Mamma?" is "I don't know--let's go find her!" Even though similar requests for Daddy when I'M watching Eliot are met with my assurances that Daddy will be home soon and he needs some "Daddy time" right now. But as we all know, there is no such thing as "Mamma time," so here they came down the lane after me.

We walked down to the creek together and Eliot tossed in a rock he had been carrying all the way from the house especially for the purpose of flinging it into the water.

We came across what I thought might be the remains of an opossum, but which Eli correctly identified as a dead skeksis. Exhibit A:

And if you aren't familiar with the skeksis, then you, sir, are no child of the 80's.

We walked back up to the house, where Eliot promptly found a stick with which to dig in the yard:

He's adorable, so I'll forgive him for constantly wanting to be by my side. His dad...well...let's just say the jury's still out.

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