Little John.

I've definitely been neglecting ye olde blog lately. I took a bit of time this evening to dump pictures off my camera and onto my computer and came across these gems. I think they're a great example of pictures that aren't anywhere near technically perfect (the lighting and color are terrible) but that are SO perfect in terms of telling a story.

Eliot loves, loves, LOVES his Pa Pa Heicher. We spend many a Sunday morning at their house and Eliot follows Pa Pa around as he gets ready for church. He shaves with him, brushes his teeth with him; they spit into the sink at the same time together. You get the picture. My mom calls Eliot "Little John" because he looks so much like him, with the distinctive Heicher eyebrows and all, but it's an appropriate name in terms of behavior as well. He's basically a mini-me for Eli's dad.

Let's just hope he doesn't inherit Pa Pa's penchant for the Three Stooges and all related forms of humor. Because as the saying goes around the Heicher household, "I don't go in for that, Merle."

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