Today I am...

1) Waiting for one of these hot little gadgets to arrive at my doorstep:

Oh yeah, baby. Just ordered an iPod Touch from the Apple website and can't wait for it to get here. This is quite possibly the biggest splurge I've ever made on myself. Thank you, tax money. I have hereby done my part to stimulate the economy.

2) Keeping my fingers crossed that the tentative peace in the Heicher household will last. We have reached a truce, I think.

3) Being entirely pissed off because the FIRST essay I graded today, the FIRST essay, was clearly plagiarized. Will they never learn? And seriously, the first one? Is there anything that could give a harder kick to my resolve to grade these damn things today?

4) Pleased that I managed to get my shelving hung (with a bit of help and advice from Eli).
Yes, now I need drapes. Wait, do we call them "drapes" or "curtains"? Is there a difference? Does anyone know?

I'm keeping Mom's vintage Nancy Drew books here, along with a copy of a volume of Anais Nin's diary that Molly gave to me years ago, inscribed with a poem she wrote to me (Molly, not Anais Nin), and then some other bits of my mom and Grammy. Mom's senior picture, Grammy's piano music box. Little treasures not for small hands that tend to grab things off the lower shelves.

5) Working on the uberlist. From my 2009 planner that I love, love. I got it here. More about that later.

6) Loving this weather.

7) Trying to convince my friend Danay to get on Facebook already. Give in, girl! :)

8) Loving that I've found an unexpected kindred spirit. And rooting so hard for her.

9) Hating these little bastards:

All in a Monday.

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Elecia said...

I believe curtains are stationary and draperies can be drawn. but i could be completely wrong. just call them window coverings.