Lovey weekend madness.

Eliot is growing into such an awesome little boy. We spent the weekend at MaMa's house (so that Daddy could sleep) and had such a good time. At this age, he's learning new words and fun tricks every day. He grows and changes so quickly. On Saturday he said "MaMa," (meaning my mom) for the first time. It was easy to distinguish from "Momma" because he said it as she was leaving the room and he was pointing after her, wanting to follow. Then he said it a few more times over the weekend, always clearly meaning her. That makes "MaMa" the fourth person's name he has said, after "Momma," "DaDa," and "Zayda."

His linguistic repertoire also includes car, cat, dog, yes, no, bubble, cracker, nana (banana), go, and out. He also went through a brief phase where he was saying "I love you," but I haven't heard that out of him in awhile. Most of the time he keeps up a string of unintelligible gibberish, and every once in awhile Eli and I will look at each other and say, "Wait...did he just say_____?" Yep. He did. He's an amazing little guy. Who still refuses to walk.

Another first this weekend is kisses. He started giving big, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses at about six months old, which I think most babies do, but yesterday he gave his first puckered, lip-smacking kiss to MaMa. And then repeated it this morning for me and Eli. So funny and adorable! We'll have to get it on video.

He also watched some of the Olympics at MaMa's house and LOVED the synchronized diving. He laughed every time the athletes entered the water. He just sat right on the couch and watched like, "Dude, this is even better than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"

On Saturday, I made a doll for Eliot. His name is Johnny. And when I say "I" made him, what I really mean is I cut out the pattern and the fabric pieces, sewed his arms and legs and head together under Mom's tutelage, and embroidered his face, all while inwardly swearing and spitting and flailing around. Then I got Mom to sew all his various parts together so that he would look nice and not like...well, like I had made him.

I bought the pattern from this adorable etsy shop, Bit of Whimsy Dolls. I really like how he turned out. I made him to look a bit more like Eliot, with the hair falling over his eyes. And I adore his cowlick, too. That part was already in the pattern.

Eliot seems to like him--he's given him several hugs and MaMa showed him how to clap Johnny's hands together for applause (or pat-a-cake, I guess)! I showed him how the doll's shorts come off (because he's always taking his baby dolls' clothes off), and then he stuck his little finger up Johnny's sleeve and pulled and pulled on his shirt. hehehe.

I asked if he wanted to take Johnny with him to daycare today, but he said no, so here Johnny is relaxing on the wicker porch furniture, waiting patiently for Eliot to get home.

I'm waiting too.

One thing I've figured out about this crazy journey of parenthood is that my relationship with my son alternates between severe frustration and exhaustion and heart-wrenching bouts of love. Sometimes I just want to get away from him, desperately need to get away from him to get my head back on straight and be able to breathe again. And other times I swell up so full of love for him that I feel like I might burst. And I just want to hold him close to me and kiss his little cheeks all day. This weekend was definitely more of the aching, loving madness. He's such an awesome little boy. Did I say that already?

He's such an awesome little boy.

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