Eight great years.

Eight years ago today, Eli muttered to me, through clenched teeth, "My face hurts from smiling for so long." And I replied, with jaw also locked into place, "Well you better KEEP smiling."

Shutters shuttered and flashbulbs flashed, and we declared our love for each other in front of 200 of our closest friends and relatives.

Today is our anniversary.

We spent the day just being together as a family, lying on a quilt in the grass, enjoying the gorgeous weather, grabbing ice cream cones at DQ, and doing a little grocery shopping. I even found some time to scrapbook (*gasp*) while Eli surfed the Internet and Eliot played at my feet upstairs.
I was inspired to make a page, not only by the occasion of the day, but also by my mail, which included the new stamp set I ordered ages ago that FINALLY came and a beautiful card from my sweet sis, Elecia.

Here's the page that resulted, and a few pictures from our lazy, lovely day.
(Pay no attention to my 32 chins in that second picture. I was too lazy to photoshop them out.)

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Elecia said...

I can't believe you scrapped that card! That makes me tear up.(of course, due to hormones what doesn't?) I have had that card for about six months, I knew it was so perfect for you guys, so I am actually impressed with myself that i remembered to find it and send it and it got there on the right day!