Eliot at fifteen months.

I want to remember everything about Eliot. He grows so quickly that I can't possibly scrapbook, or even write about all of the little details that make up his personality and the ever-shifting routines that make up our lives together. I have such an urge to slow everything down, to just live inside one moment of his laughter or his peaceful sleep, forever. But time marches on, and my baby keeps growing. (Even though he still adamantly refuses to walk.)
So for now, and so that I'll remember, here are fifteen little bits, glimpses of my son at fifteen months:

1. He is battling asthma again, brought on by an ear infection and cold that he's having trouble shaking.
2. It is nearly impossible to play quietly while Daddy sleeps during the day. We often resort to day trips to Grandma's or MaMa's house, visits to the library, stroller rides, long car rides, etc.
3. He is the biggest moocher of food I've ever known. If anyone is eating ANYTHING, he thinks he needs a bite. (But he's also very generous about sharing his own food, and loves to feed goldfish crackers to anyone who will take one.)
4. He still takes two naps a day, but often has to be driven around in the car to fall asleep.
5. He goes to daycare on MWF, since those are the days Mommy normally teaches. We've continued this schedule during summer for continuity and so as not to risk losing his place at Sandy's this fall.
6. His favorite word is "uh-oh."
7. He loves to chase Mumford, and has recently discovered the cat's hiding place on a closet shelf. He corners him there every chance he gets.
8. He loves eating cantaloupe and watermelon, usually with juice running all down his arms.
9. He has sixteen teeth. (The top two eyeteeth are about halfway in and the bottom two eyeteeth are just starting to break through the gums.)
10. He can walk along behind a pushtoy and walk holding onto someone's hand, but has only taken two completely unassisted steps thus far.
11. He's only had two haircuts, and one was just a tiny trimming of his bangs to get them out of his eyes. Mom and Dad can't bear to part with those gorgeous curls.
12. He watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse nearly every morning, and we all do the "Hot Dog" dance together and wave goodbye to Mickey at the end.
13. He wears a size 18-months in clothing. We've just started wearing shoes, but only every once in awhile. He's not terribly fond of shoes.
14. We've just graduated to a real toothbrush from the little finger brush, and he loves brushing his teeth and helping Mom and Dad brush their teeth.
15. He still takes a bottle before bed, and usually once during the night, and is VERY attached to his pacifiers, which we call "nuk," "nukkie," or "nukitron."

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