Sick day.

I've been down with the world's most evil cold for the last few days. It started on Friday but got so bad last night, I just laid in bed shaking with fever. I could feel every contour of my body under the covers, the same way when you get a chill you can feel every hair on your head standing up. Ick. It was terrible. After I finally got to sleep, I woke up a few hours later drenched in sweat. Double ick. So today I've been lying around napping and watching hours of Mythbusters. Eli went out and bought me various cold medicines, fruit popsicles, and The Princess Bride on DVD. Apparently to make up for the fact that when I groaned, "I think I'm gonna croak," last night, his response was "I wish you would." And then he refused to sleep in bed with me and took to the couch instead because I was "getting germs everywhere."
He has been nice today about taking care of Eliot so that I can rest, though, and I guess we're going to watch some Super Bowl commercials and then The Princess Bride.
It's storming outside--lightning and thunder, the whole bit. So weird for February. Anybody still not believe in global climate change??? Triple ick.

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