Either I have adult ADD, or I'm just really lazy and lack focus.

I have a talent for starting projects. Oh, yes I do! I am the self-appointed Queen of Good Intentions when it comes to...well...just about everything. Crafting, writing, blogging, lesson planning, sending thank you cards, walking the dog (Wait...I don't have a dog. Thank God!), Basically, you name it--I've got big ideas for it. And that's all I've got.

Initiative? follow-through? tenacity? Hmmm...what do those words mean? I couldn't possibly tell you. Most of my ideas languish and die without ever escaping the black hole of my good intentionism.

But enough of that. Here's the beginning of a project that I might someday finish, thereby surprising myself and the world at large. It's a Cate Anevski facebroidery pattern. (She's amazing, by the way. Check her stuff out!) I've got five facebroidery patterns, and my plan was/is to stitch each of them up in a single color and frame them in a differently colored hoop.

(Does that even make sense? I'm getting distracted by the woman sitting in a chair across from me here at the library. She's in a very deep sleep, possibly a coma. I'm so in awe of people who can sleep in public spaces. I would never feel comfortable enough to lose control that way. Seriously. I could go over there and draw on her face, and she wouldn't even know.)

So, theoretically when I finish the series, I'll have a rainbow of facebroideries. One stitched in orange, framed in yellow, one stitched in red, framed in orange, etc. 

With this one, I also experimented with using scrapbooking paper to back the hoop, rather than fabric. Because I have a ridiculous amount of patterned scrapbook paper. Ree. Dick. U. Lus.

I still haven't really found the best method of backing my hoops. I've experimented with a couple of different tutorials. These are my favorite two, from Polka and Bloom and Maximum Rabbit Designs, if you're interested. I've been using a sort of variation that lands somewhere between these two. Once I figure out my preferred method, I might just post my own tutorial. (Hahahahaha. Yeah, right! Remember what I said about good intentions?!)

Disclaimer: The fabric on this try looks like crap; I'm usually not that bad at it.

The moral of this story is: in a few weeks, someone needs to ask me, "Hey, Rachel, by the way, did you ever finish those facebroideries you were working on?" and give me all kinds of shit about it, because otherwise, they will not get finished. I'm serious, people. Set an alarm in your cell phone right now that says, "Ask Rachel about her rainbow facebroideries." I need you to keep me in line here. Cause you know where good intentions lead, don't you? I do. I was raised on Randy Travis.

Thanks, y'all are the best. :) 

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