All I need is a time machine...and a quiet place to stitch.

One of the reasons embroidery has become my favorite crafty pastime is because it's all so portable. I can gather my floss collection, needle, scissors, and whatever piece I'm working on, throw it all in a canvas tote bag and carry it around with me. I've stitched in the coffee shop, the library, in my front yard on a blanket (back when it wasn't so deathly freaking hot).

The other reason is that it's so full of possibilities. I can stitch anything I want! Anything! It's like coloring, but with a needle and thread. Here's the first project I've completed without a pattern. Inspired by Robyn, I wanted to stitch a Delorean. (If you haven't listened to Robyn since the '90's, you should check her out again. She's a fellow Gemini--a mere three days older than me! Also, according to her Facebook fan page, she's "the most killingest pop star on the planet." If that's not a recommendation, I don't know what is.)

Since I can't draw worth a good goddamn, I did a google search for photographs of the car, found one with an angle I liked, saved the picture and used Picnik to transform it to a line drawing, then traced most of it onto some tracing paper and taped it to my fabric.

Then, I simply stitched through the tracing paper. (If you're going to do this, it's better to have a larger sheet of paper and hoop the paper along with the fabric so that it doesn't move around. Tape worked out okay, but was definitely more tedious.)

After I had the basic outline of the Delorean stitched, I ripped the tracing paper away to reveal just the stitches. This process can sometimes suck--you often have to use a pair of tweezers or your needle to remove the bits of tracing paper from beneath the stitches--but I think it's worth it when stitching a complicated pattern, or one with lines too close together to use the iron-on transfer pen effectively.

All the supplies I need fit nicely
on the arm of a comfy chair in the library.

Well, and at my feet. :)
There's nothing better on a too hot day than finding a comfy indoor spot, soaking up some air conditioning, popping in the headphones with some Pandora radio on, and stitching up a Delorean. That's what I always say.

The picture is somewhat dark, but here is the finished hoop:

I might have to work on some LMFAO inspired stitching next. Eliot is a pretty big fan of "Party Rock Anthem."


nancy said...


And you have way more patience than I do!

Kai said...

You do realize that only a specific generation will ever understand the connection between a delorian and a time machine, don't you? And yes, I am part of that generation. That said, I love this! Great job!