Because I have neither the mental nor emotional faculties with which to create a proper, coherent blog post,

I present to you: randomness.

a) I gave Eliot a poptart for breakfast this morning and when I handed him his plate, he said, "Mom, this poptart looks scrumptious!" I've never heard anyone be so excited about and thankful for a poptart. Except maybe myself.

b) This week and next = jury duty. Not a fan. And yet, I shall perform my civic responsibility with great respect and humility. (And with my fingers crossed that I don't get chosen.)

c) I went thrift store treasure hunting this morning and translated $12.00 into 2 vintage sheet sets, 16 linen napkins, a blue Bell jar, a small green plastic hamper-type container, and 1 hardback book. I was pleased. (And yes, my carpet is in desperate need of a shampooing. Probably not going to happen.)

d) I made an apology today. It didn't bring as much relief as I thought it would, but it's a baby step in the right direction.

e) Last week we resurrected the Ikea tent. I had kind of forgotten it existed. My little elephant boy, however, never forgets anything. We haven't played in this thing since probably January 2009, and he just randomly asks, "Hey, Mom, you 'member that tent that I used to play in? Let's do that tent!" I found it languishing in his closet. Now it's once again his favorite playing/hiding spot.

f) I like coffee.

g) Contrary to popular belief, the character Austin from the Backyardigans is a kangaroo, not a rabbit. Also, according to Eliot, he is Pablo, and I am Tasha. I'm a little bummed, because I wanted to be Uniqua, but hey, that's life.


Agent M. said...

A scrumptious pop tart. That's too cute. I haven't had a in a long time. Now I want one.
It's awesome you're taking the time to slow down and be aware and in the moment. It's one of my favorite techniques (saving graces) to help me get through the day. xo

Megan M. said...

I read this article yesterday, and I couldn't remember who loved Pop Tarts.. Here you go: