So glad he's cool.

Conversation on the way home from the public library...

Eliot: "I'm so glad you got me that tractor movie, Mommy!"

Me: "I'm so glad you're happy."

Eliot: "Are you so glad I'm cool?"

Me: "Yeah. That too. Obviously." *glances in rearview mirror and sticks tongue out at passenger*

*much snickering and snorting from the backseat*


Amy said...

Ok then!
Sounds like all is well - I mean, if you have a tractor movie what could be wrong with the world! lol :-)

chksngr said...

Love the conversations with little boys. They are the most adorable creatures in the world. WAY better than puppies...cuz they are all puppy-like, but they TALK...and they are PROFOUND!

nancy said...

Cool mom... cool kid... cool. I love it.