Pure joy.

I played around with this page and didn't realize until too late that I hadn't left any room for journaling, which is kind of crazy, since for me, pages are almost always about the stories they tell. I guess this photo and the page tells the story without words...but that isn't like me! I might write something to go with it and just stick my writing in behind the page inside the page protector...or maybe inside an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector facing this page? Something.

I want to write a letter to Eliot about how exuberant he is, how full of life. I want to tell him, because he won't remember these early days, that the swings are his favorite of all the playground equipment, that he begs me to push "bigger, bigger!" I want to sheepishly admit that even though he's three years old, I still put him in the baby swings because I'm paranoid that he'll let go and fall. I'm still not ready to let him fall. I want to remind him how much sunshine he brings into my life, and I want to thank him for giving me so many opportunities to experience pure joy right alongside him. His arms are always wide open. He is such a gift.


chksngr said...

LOVE this!!! it doesn't NEED journaling!!!

Elecia said...

Isn't that your job as a mother, to keep him from falling? Keep up the good work!

Enjoy the Ride said...

Sometimes I just write my journaling/story on the back of the layout - the cardstock. Try that. The front says it all, though... honest!