I'm not scared.

I have found that the best way to start a list is to make note of things you've ALREADY accomplished. That way, you can check those tasks off and already feel like you've been productive. See how that works? I know: brilliant.

In the interest of making myself feel super awesome and forcing myself to continue living bravely, I've come up with just such a list. I turned 31 in June. I'm thinking that every month until I turn 32, I need to do something that scares the living daylights out of me. That's twelve "things" to anticipate, meet head on, and conquer. (And then in my 32nd year, I shall try to take over the world. Shhh...don't tell anyone.)

So in June, my birthday month, I took trapeze lessons. In July, I sang karaoke for the first time ever. Here's a list of other wild and crazy things I vow to tackle before my 32nd birthday:

fire a gun
commit to and follow through with a public speaking engagement
write everyday for a month
ride a scary amusement park ride
look a squirrel straight in its beady little eyes without flinching
take Eliot with me on a trip involving air travel
go skiing
take a self-defense class
play paintball
ride a mechanical bull

Each of these tasks is something Old Rachel would not have done. In the past, fear has held Rachel back. Fear of being hurt, fear of actually being successful, fear of rejection...
No more. New Rachel doesn't NOT do things because she's scared. New Rachel does things precisely BECAUSE they scare her. Because she knows that's the only way to grow into the person she most wants to be.

Okay. I'm going to stop talking about myself in the third person now. Promise. =)

Anybody know where I can find a mechanical bull?


chksngr said...

THis makes me think of that song "She let herself go" have you heard that??? You GO girl!

Adriane said...

I've rode a mechanical bull once, wasn't that bad. Can't remember the name of the place, but it was some bar over in Central City where all the rednecks hang out! Did it with Jennifer one New Year's Eve. I don't even think I had been drinking that night! The first item on your list outta scare Eli or Heifer!

Terri said...

Well, lookee here: Flyin' Colors Paintball, conveniently located between Charleston and Mattoon!


Amy said...

I'm more worried about the poor squirrel! ;-)

Enjoy the Ride said...

AWESOME! Take that bull by the horns, girl! How exciting for you, such a great list. BTW, I start a list with the things I've accomplished too... it's a great kick-start to already be partially done! :)

Elecia said...

You know you can come down and shoot dads gun anytime. or Gary's for that matter. I'm not sure were there is a mechanical bull located, but we have a bouncy horse if you want to try that out!!
also, if you are just looking for a plane ride and not so much a vacation, call your local airport, I'm sure there is somebody that does that kinda thing for a fee!
I can also hook you up with that public speaking thing. Give me a call!

Elecia said...

Hey Dufenshmirtz,
Did i mention we have a lot of squirrels!

Tracy said...

I'm in for the following...

Scary amusement park ride
Mechanical bull

And any other adventures you have in mind.

Megan M. said...

I can always find some gem in your blog that completely relates to what I'm thinking on that particular day. This morning I was also thinking about trying more and more "scary" things. I don't know if I will be as dedicated to one a month as you are, but I will count 'date someone 10 years younger' as July. I'm thinking about getting certified in scuba diving this fall or winter. I've always found it fascinating but been scared to death. That's all I have on my list for now :-)