Top Ten Ways to Tell You're a Tourist in NYC.

10. You look up at the buildings rather than straight ahead at where you're going.

9. You cannot figure out the freaking subway system to save your life.

8. You don't cross the street until the "walk" sign is illuminated. Even then, you look both ways.

7. You are struck by the juxtaposition of the elderly homeless man digging through a trash barrel while an impeccably groomed guy in a business suit listens to his iPod while waiting impatiently to cross the street.

6. You say "Excuse me," when you bump into someone on the street.

5. You make direct eye contact with people on the subway and in elevators. And then smile.

4. You get in line at the deli before you know what you want.

3. You will actually pay $6.00 for a Harp at the Irish pub and have no clue that you're getting screwed.

2. You didn't realize that Madison Square Garden is actually a circle.

1. You mosey.

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