It's what's for breakfast.

Eliot has been on a long kick of eating Poptarts for breakfast. Not all that surprising, considering that his mother has a serious Poptart addiction and finds it perfectly acceptable to eat Poptarts at all hours of the day--they aren't just for breakfast anymore, you know.

Unfortunately, this morning, we were out of Poptarts...so I started listing all the breakfast options. "Do you want toast, waffles, cereal...?"

Eliot pipes up, "Yeah! Cereal! Do we have yucky things?"

Me: "Yucky things?"

Eliot: "Yeah, Yucky Things, with the mushrooms!"

Me: Think, think, think...
"Ohhhhhh, you mean THESE Yucky Things?"

Eliot: "Yeah, yeah! I want Yucky Things for breakfast!"

Mmmm...we do love our "Yucky Things." But he only really wants to pick out the "mushrooms."

My word, this kid makes me so happy. :)


Enjoy the Ride said...

That is TOOO cute! I will forever think of mushrooms now when I eat my yucky things.

Amy said...

That is seriously funny Rachel, sounds like the conversations I hear all day!

Chelsea said...

He says the most adorable things!

chksngr said...

Oh. My. Goodness! That is SO SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!!!

Rachel said...

I love the cute things children say.

Suzanne said...

Ha! That's awesome :)