Scrapping the va-cay.

Las Vegas is the very definition of the word "spectacle." I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I'd love to go back sometime soon to see the sights we missed. Eli and I wandered around in an awed daze most of the time we were there, and I feel like I need to return now that I know what to do and how to navigate the place! :)

And guess who got picked out of line at the airport for the extra security screening? Yep, that's right--moi! I ALWAYS get searched. Every time I have flown I have either been submitted to extra x-raying, or my bags get searched. Every. Time. Cause, you know, I look extremely suspicious. That 5'3'' generously porportioned woman with the ill-fitting jeans and flip-flops--search her!--she's sooo likely to have a pipe bomb hidden in her carry-on amongst the paperbacks and logic puzzles. Uh huh. Right.

But back to business.

Before we left I put together a little book of patterned papers, planning to add photos and what-not to it upon our return. I completed it on Monday and was surprised what a fat little book it turned out to be. I had to swap out the 1 inch book rings I had put it together with originally for 2 inchers.

There are many more pages, but these give the general idea. I like that it's a sloppy little album, with tickets sticking out willy-nilly and masking tape and staples adhering some of the pictures. Some pages are just 4x6 pictures glued back to back.

This was so easy to do.

Done, and done! Voila!

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Adriane said...

Now Rachel, I would think that you would be impressed at their politically correctness in searching all random people whether they looked "suspicious" or not!!