Boom boom pow.

Today was NOT a good day. Much whining and tantrum throwing from Mog, including a total spazoid fit in Walmart over which cart we were going to use. A spazoid fit that resulted in me marching him back out to the car and driving straight home and putting him to bed with a stern warning: "if you EVER pull that crap with me in public again, we will come home and I WILL SPANK YOUR BOTTOM. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND. ME." Notice that last is not a question. It is a statement.

I'm fairly sure my teeth weren't moving as I said those words, and as the four of us daughters of Karil know, that is some serious shit. That, and the fact that I totally gave up on the grocery shopping and came home with no Fresca.

I honestly don't know that I've ever been so angry at Eliot. It seems silly now, but just hours ago I was spitting furious with him. So furious that on the way home he kept yelling, "I want music, Mom! I want Boom Boom Pow!" and I just turned off the car stereo and said, through gritted teeth, "No Black-Eyed Peas for you! You are in TROUBLE! NO Boom Boom Pow!" (The kid freakin' loves the Black-Eyed Peas. Not kidding.)

By the time Eli got home from work, both of us had marginally recovered and we were watching DragonTales together, Mog on my lap, his feet cupped in my hands, my breath in his hair. And when Eli walked through that door...well...I had actually forgotten how nice it is to have a partner. Someone to whom I can hand over the boy after a long frustrating day and just say, "Here. Take this beastly spawn before I lose my mind." Someone to go back to Walmart, armed with my list, and bring me back milk, Basic 4 cereal, swim diapers, and...FRESCA! (Just the essentials.) Someone to put Mog in the tub and wash his hair. Someone to wrestle him into pajamas and sing him to sleep.

I have missed him. I have missed us.

But I don't know whether I can forgive him...for coming back from Walmart tonight without the Fresca. Seriously! Four items on the list and you forget one? The most important one? Seriously?

This is the most grevious offense yet. No Boom Boom Pow for you, sir. No Boom Boom Pow for you.


Adriane said...

Sounds like we both had that kind of day. I applaud you for actually taking him out and going home, I have never done that yet, despite all my closed teeth Karil threats! Isn't it amazing how the ones we love more dearly than anything can invoke so much anger in us? Where does this come from and why? I totally get your day.

Elecia said...

Yeah well, last time i was at wal-mart my child was whining because she wanted a giant octapus, and much to her dismay they dont sell those.
and did you know the new Kids bop CD has boom boom pow on it!