Recent proof that my kid is freakin' adorable.

Fishing at Pa Pa & Grandma's house.

Eating a slushie during our visit with Millifriend Megan.
Note that two spoons are better than one. ;)

Eliot had a great holiday weekend, from splashing in the pool at Uncle E & Aunt C's to watching fireworks at Pa & Grammy's house. He wanted to go down the pool slide like the guys were doing, so I carried him to the top and sent him down, threatening Eli with his life if he didn't catch him. And so he did catch him, sort of. Apparently Mog is a little top-heavy, and he flipped off the end of the slide and entered the pool headfirst before Eli was able to grab him. He was pretty flustered when he came up choking and sputtering, but recovered pretty quickly and kept 'swimming.' He was angry at me because I wouldn't let go of him in the pool. He wanted to swim on his own! At times that boy amazes me with his fearlessness.

He loved the fireworks as well. With every explosion Mog's face contorted into an open 'O' of wild delight, and he'd quickly glance to Z to see if she was having a similar reaction. It was so funny, the same routine, over and over. His giant smile and the quick swivel to his cousin. Every time. :)

I wish I had a video, not of the fireworks display, but of the kids watching them, standing in the back of Uncle Otie's red pickup, leaning chubby dippled arms against the tailgate, gazing up at the sky.


This face says, "I said 'cheese' dammit, now get me back in the pool!"

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Elecia said...

I wish i had a video of him telling me about the fireworks.
Oooh. you see up the sky.
fireworrr go woooooo papapapa
all this with lavish gestures!